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Earn while learn

Master’s study at Steinbeis University along with a job in a German company 

Work in one of the companies listed here.

Academic responsibility

Project competence study

What is a dual master’s study at Steinbeis University?

It combines project competence study with work in a company in the field of study. Students are working full-time on a project in a company. They transfer their knowledge from the block seminars right away in practice. Moreover, they develop their company project within their master courses. Steinbeis experts coach them. Best graduates might be taken over by the company.



The student can be selected by one of the 50 partner companies and start a Master’s study FULLY PAID BY THE COMPANY:

What is the

selection process?

Step 1

Screening of the documents

Step 2

Video Interview

Step 3

Online interview with a German company


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employment linked Master’s program

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