Open seminars, in-house training, on-the-job training
Learning can take place in different forms. The “right” form of learning depends on the conditions and the objectives of the training. The team of the Export Academy advises you competently and provides an individually created tutorial.

Open Seminars
In selected venues, as well as in our modern seminar rooms, the staff  is trained quickly and cost effectively.

In-house training
In-house seminars are interesting starting from five participants of a company. Contents can be tailored to the company and the costs are attractive compared to open seminars.

On-the-job training
When companies are under constant pressure to adapt to the current conditions of a globalized market, it is necessary to constantly update the knowledge and expertise of a company and therefore the knowledge of the employees “on the job”. Through an optimal integration of classroom and web based learning opportunities at work, the learning success can be sustainably increased. Such training – also called blended learning package – is structured as follows:

E-Learning in the workplace and providing theoretical knowledge. The learning contents are retrieved in time to the needs of participants.

This form of learning offers many advantages:

  • At almost 50 % of the course, participants determine the time and place of teaching
  • Approximately 50 % of otherwise  usual travel costs and journey times can be saved
  • During the training, participants will personally be supported and supervised by a coach
  • Participants can determine their own learning duration and  constantly work with a high-quality educational software.


The Export Academy has developed various e-learning offers and makes them available on its own learning and communication platform.


The greatest challenge for managers is to analyze complex correlations and to recognize critical success factors in decision-making. This practical entrepreneurial action cannot be learned through theory courses − you simply have to learn it hands on by yourself. The Export Academy uses worldwide the web based General Management Simulation LearnSim® for this purpose.

Contact seminars

If there is sufficient demand, the Export Academy Baden-Württemberg organizes in-house seminars on the various options for entering foreign markets and opening up new markets, e.g., Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Poland, the Czech Republic, etc. The focus is on discussions and contacts with possible cooperation partners.