PINN Digital Innovation Lab

Traditional innovation management with clearly structured process steps is reaching its limits and is in a state of upheaval. The findings of recent years have shown that process barriers offer no scope for ideas and innovations. Or to put it another way: Traditional innovation management prevents innovation! The solution is a kind of innovation management which activates the potential for ideas and innovations in the company and in the market.

 Our offer for you 

Corporate innovation in the company

By linking CIP / idea management with innovation management in the company, ideas and problems are collected, ordered and structured at all levels. From this, joint (collaborative) innovations are developed. These degrees of freedom in a controlled framework create innovations at all levels.

Open Innovation In the market

Customer knowledge / partner knowledge is collected and organized in the market with PINN. Customer ideas and problems are fed into the company for the joint (collaborative) development of innovations. This is based on market campaigns for ideas and improvements.


  • A swarm full of ideas and problems is generated
  • Innovations are created that are not possible with classical innovation management.
  • By linking CIP / idea management with innovation management, additional potentials for innovations are created.
  • Ideas and problems of the customers are captured and arranged and made available in the company.


  • Due to the standards set in the Open Innovation development group, PINN is implemented within one to two weeks.
  • Targeted market campaigns are jointly designed to collect ideas and problems from customers.

Experience background

  • PINN was developed on the basis of an open innovation project with a group of companies and organisations from different industries (2013-2015).
  • PINN is used by both medium-sized and large companies.