LearnSim – business simulation

Analyzing and acting – Understand and Learn

The simulation allows for experimental, playful and competitive learning under realistic conditions, and acts as a highly motivating effect on the participants. You recognize the company as a complex, networked system and immediately get feedback on the immediate, remote and side effects of decisions made.

Training course
Participants train in teamwork as a manager of their company in order to successfully manage and develop the company.

The distribution of the products from our own production facilities is carried out in five markets, where the companies have their own sales organizations. All decisions must be ensured by appropriate financing: decisions on credit strategies to be taken in the context of the financial and liquidity planning. To be successful the participants must work both competitively, and together in teams, communicate effectively and resolve occurring conflicts in a goal-oriented way.

LearnSim® facilitates focusing on the most important tactical and strategic decisions for the participants through clear display and graphical representation of the results.

Due to high modularity,  LearnSim® can efficiently be adapted to a variety of training objectives, and be varied according to customer requirements in duration and complexity, for example, as follows:

  • One-day learning event for team building
  • Multi-day training to identify and develop managers
  • Concluding a comprehensive blended learning offer for business staff training
  • Variables training according to your specific requirements and training objectives
  • We conduct LearnSim as a 1-3-day in-house workshop at your company.
  • The simulation conditions can be adapted to your requirements. Talk to us, we will give you information without obligation about the possibilities of LearnSim®