Green Hydrogen
To decarbonise the energy supply of the future, we are working with leading technology companies, infrastructure companies and governments. We believe that with the right investment projects, hydrogen is the alternative to fossil fuels. This is because hydrogen has many uses. It can be used in fuel cells in medium to heavy land transport, and use in aviation and shipping using hydrogen-based e-fuels is possible. Hydrogen can be used to produce fertiliser from exhaust gases, and power-to-X processes can be used to produce important raw materials such as green methanol for the chemical industry.
Our experience in project development shows that a technical-economic use of green hydrogen is only possible if the entire value chain is stable – we are talking about system integration here. In addition to securing renewable energy sources and water for electrolysis, the utilisation of hydrogen in further products as well as storage options and transport routes must also be secured.
One main focus is on the development and implementation of regional solutions in emerging countries. Together with German technology partners, regional companies and science partners, we have established centres of excellence for “green hydrogen” in Johannesburg (South Africa) and Hyderabad (India). There we build electrolysers for hydrogen production and develop new fields of application for hydrogen engines.
Hydrogen will be an important energy source of the future, so we need to discuss it. Especially now! Together with the Maleki Group, we are therefore organising the International Hydrogen Day on 30 June 2022 in Frankfurt.