Benchmarking studies

The Export Academy performs benchmarking projects together with the GiMA consult and Steinbeis University Berlin.

Comprehensive knowledge of the activities in the market is a key success factor, especially information about competitors that are active with you in the same market segment and with the same products. From the results of the benchmarking study appropriate strategies can be derived, how can you stand up to the other market participants.

Benchmarking studies enable process improvement based on empirically verifiable comparison data.

Our offer for you:

  • Creation of tailored benchmarking studies
  • Results
  • Drafting a meaningful benchmarking study
  • Creating a performance-matrix based on the technology to be examined, business prozess or market
  • Presentation of best practice examples
  • Advices, recommendations for action

In recent years, the GiMA Consult has successfully implemented many benchmarking projects and scientific studies. Based on the requirements of the client a detailed and meaningful benchmarking study is created in six steps.

These steps are as follows:

  • Order study
  • Literature review of studies and databases
  • Expert surveys at enterprises and institutions, association, etc.
  • Analysis of the results using specially developed analytical methods
  • Elaboration of recommendations for action
  • Benchmarking study and presentation of conclusions.

Experience background
In recent years, we created extensive benchmarking studies on different topics for DAX companies.

Please visit our benchmarking portal for our detailed offer on individual benchmarking products

You will also find a lot of information on the management method benchmarking that are important for the successful implementation of a benchmarking project.