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Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg is a training and consulting organization with focus on green technologies and digitization. For this, the GreenIMLead® concept for integrated green technology management & leadership was developed. Together with partners world-wide green projects are developed and competence centers for green technologies and digitisation are established. The focus regions are Africa, India, South America as well as Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

“Innovation in green technologies and digitisation are the key to successfully mastering the challenges of the future. With new green and digital technologies and a new management approach with our GreenIMLead® concept, new solutions and ways can be created to slow down climate change and to raise living standards in emerging countries.”

Bertram Lohmueller PhD, Managing Director & Partner Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg
Mai 2023, Tübingen

Change in the Executive Board of the Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg

As of July 1, 2023, Petra Lohmüller will become Managing Director and will co-manage the Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg together with long-time partner and managing director Professor Dr. Rolf Pfeiffer. Her area of expertise includes the fields on international education management as well as the management of the international technology transfer projects of the Export-Akademie and DSE Green Technology Holding Ltd. with regard to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our team

Managing Director // Partner

Bertram Lohmüller

  • Successful projects in the fields of green technology transfer and management & business development
  • Change Management and Cultural Change according to the Heptathlon Management Concept IMLead® Integrated Management & Leadership in International Companies and Organisations
  • Development of web-based trainings and general business simulations for top management trainings
  • Feasibility studies for green technology applications and technology transfer
  • Successful implementation of green technology competence centres in emerging economies (India, Russia, Argentina, Kenya, Kazakhstan, South Africa).

Petra Lohmüller

Managing Director // Partner


Bertram lohmüller

Managing Director // Partner




Rolf Pfeiffer

Chairman of the Board of Trustees


Anna Mozzhukhina

Project Manager
International training programs, Marketing

Maria Lazareva

Senior Project Manager
International training programs, Marketing

Cornelia Röhm

Project Manager
Training programs


Eugen Breining

Head of Global Business Development


Ute Mittelstädt

Project Manager


Raj Venkat

International Chief Course Officer


Walfried Breining

Project Manager
Information & Communication Management  

Divesh Gajbhiye

Engineering Consultant


Petra Lohmüller

Head of Global Sustainability & Strategy

Literature and interviews

Current professional articles and scientific studies

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Worldwide competence through local partners

The trainers at the Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg provide consulting services and training worldwide. We accept the different cultural and linguistic challenges and professionally adapt our trainings to the current requirements.

With our national and international partners, we have a global presence and conduct seminars with local expertise. Selected institutions are listed below.

IMLead® Konzept

Business processes

In the global and fast-moving markets of our time, companies are faced with the challenge of adapting their market strategies to the changing competitive conditions and implementing them quickly and efficiently.

The central questions here are: What knowledge and competencies do I need? Which strategy is most successful? With which steering interventions can a manager bring exactly the movement and change into the company that are elementary for achieving the goals?

For this purpose we have developed the competence model of Integrated Management & Leadership (IMLead). Based on the seven fields, we work with you to develop a training concept tailored to your needs, define measurable parameters and thus make the learning success measurable.

In a structured process, feedback is provided by selected groups of people on the basis of our own questionnaires and the systematic evaluation of data and feedback reports.

→ You can find out more about the IMLead® concept under the following link:
Corporate governance with the IMLead® concept

For the BMWI Manager Training Programme, the competence system for “International Business Initiation” was designed by the Export Academy on behalf of the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). An article on the competence system has been published in the “Fit for Partnership” journal.
Link: “Journal Fit for Partnership”

IMLead® Technology Transfer Cycle

The IMLead® Heptathlon Management Concept


European School of Business

Foundation of the ESB European School of Business by the main co-initiator Prof. Dr. Rolf Pfeiffer at the Reutlingen University


Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg

Foundation of  the Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg by Prof. Dr. Rolf Pfeiffer as a part of the Reutlingen University



Start of the first MBA program in Germany at the Export-Akademie. Major: International Marketing


IMlead® Publication

Publication of the management concept for Integrated Management and Leadership by Prof. Dr. Rolf Pfeiffer

March 1984


Implementation of the international computer management simulation INTOP® as a module in the master programme



Foundation of the Export-Akademie Argentina at the University La Plata by Prof. Dr. Rogelio Simonato and Prof. Dr. Rolf Pfeiffer


GiMA consult

Foundation of GiMA consult Gesellschaft für integriertes Management mbH by Prof. Dr. Rolf Pfeiffer



Start of the benchmarking project IBFA International Best Factory Award in co-operation with the Cranfield University (UK)


New partner

Dr. Bertram Lohmüller becomes a partner in the company GiMA consult Gesellschaft für integriertes Management mbH



Market launch of the IMLead® Heptathlon concept für Integrated Management & Leadership


Best Service Award

Start of the national benchmarking project Best Service Award


Overtaking of Export-Akademie

Take-over of the Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg by Dr. Bertram Lohmüller and Prof. Dr. Rolf Pfeiffer


Steinbeis Global Institute Tübingen

Foundation of the SGIT Steinbeis Global Institute Tübingen | Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin GmbH by Dr. Lohmüller and Prof. Pfeiffer


Global Technology Management

Start of the Master of Science program in Global Technology Management with the Steinbeis University Berlin


nReEn Institutе

Foundation of the nReEn Institute for Resource Management and Energy Efficiency | Steinbeis Innovation gGmbH


Centre of Excellence for Green Technologies

Establishment of the first Centre of Excellence for Green Technologies and Green Energy in Hyderabad (India)


Publication "Hidden CTO"

Publication of the management concept for the new organizational role of Hidden Chief Technology Officers


Projects for integrated waste technology management

First international projects for integrated waste technology management and integrated green energy concepts


New Centres of Excellence for Green Technologies

Further establishment of the Centres of Excellence for Green Technologies in Africa, Asia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe



Start of the benchmarking project GreenMLA® Green Management & Leadership Assessment


MBE Digitisation and Green Technology

Start of the Master of Business Engineering program with emphasis on Digitisation and Green Technology with the Steinbeis University Berlin


DSE Consortium

Localization concept for the supply chain for green hydrogen on the African continent


Green Hydrogen Conference

Conducting of the Green Hydrogen Conference on 12 and 13 June 2023 in Frankfurt

June 2023


Continuation of the GreenMLA® Green Management & Leadership Assessment benchmarking project according to the SDG criteria.


SUTM Steinbeis Center of sustainable Technology & Management GmbH

Foundation of SUTM in cooperation with Steinbeis University


Current developments such as digitalisation, global climate change, global supply chains and increasing protectionism are both a challenge and an opportunity. With new ways in innovation and market cultivation, new business models, products and/or services can be positioned in the domestic and international market. In this context, people are the most important success factor. With their skills and competences, they change the organisation, expand existing cooperations and develop new target markets.

For more than 35 years, the Export-Academy Baden-Württemberg has been helping companies and organisations to increase their innovation potential and to position themselves successfully in the market. The management concept IMLead® Integrated Management & Leadership developed by the Export-Akademie forms the framework for the consulting and training programmes. This brings together the different perspectives of technology, digitalisation processes, competence development and sustainable management & leadership.

With our management tools and blended learning trainings, we support companies nationally and internationally in their transformation towards an innovative and sustainable organisation. In order to support our customers individually and goal-oriented in the respective national language and with country-specific know-how, we work closely with our international partners, with whom we have established so-called “Centres of Excellence” worldwide.

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