The common growth of emerging countries who, the new economic areas in Europe, in the Asia-Pacific area and in Americas, the globalization of markets make ever greater demands on our ability to deal with people of other cultures, be it in negotiations, in the financial statements and the conduct of business or in collaborations.

The ideas, on which the initiative of the Baden-Württemberg State Government on the establishment of the Export Academy in 1984 is based, are characterized by the almost dramatic changes in the international environment in the last 25 years more relevant than ever today.

In September 2008, the Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH was founded as a successor to the Export Akademie Baden-Württemberg federal land enterprise at Reutlingen University. The new limited liability company complies with the traditions and the objectives of the previous Export Akademie Baden-Württemberg. The aim of the new privately run LLC is offering and performing science-related practical training and educational programs in the field of export business, project management, general management and corporate governance at the university level in Germany and abroad.

For an innovative institution like the Export Academy, we see as an obligation to constantly develop and introduce new ideas for international business. We imply with the hope of being able to make an important contribution to support our economy in international business and thus for maintaining prosperity in our country in the future.

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