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PINN Digital Innovation Lab


Traditional innovation management with clearly structured process steps is reaching its limits and is in a state of upheaval. The findings of recent years have shown that process barriers offer no scope for ideas and innovations. Or to put it another way: Traditional innovation management prevents innovation! The solution is a kind of innovation management which activates the potential for ideas and innovations in the company and in the market.



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Overview of the WBT “Technology Management & Leadership”


The introductory WBT module gives an overview of the seven lessons of the WBT. In six modules current challenges for the management of technology oriented organisations are presented and strategies for action are pointed out. Each module concludes with an interactive test. In the final module, an overall test is carried out on the basis of a case study.





Interactive Questionnaire for the technology executives


Together with SGIT Steinbeis Global Institute Tübingen | Steinbeis-University Berlin we conduct a survey on technology management.

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Research Presence India in Andhra Pradesh


“European Alliance Cluster” with around 10 competence centres for innovation and technology management in various technology areas in India.

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New Certified Management Courses


The New Certified Management Courses are conducted in co-operation with Steinbeis-Akademie at Steinbeis University Berlin




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